Meditation Center in Russia in the lineage of Ajarn Tong Sirimangalo, Thailand

Avoid Evil Deeds,

Cultivate Wholesome Deeds,

And Purify One's Mind,

This is the Teaching of all the Buddhas.


We are glad to welcome you to the Vipassana center Arun Vanaram in the lineage of the Late Most Venerable Ajarn Tong Sirimangalo near St. Petersburg.

About the technique

The practice of Vipassana meditation is based on the teachings passed down by Buddha over 2500 years ago.

According to Buddhist tradition, there are two main types of bhavana (mental development): Samatha bhavana (concentration) and Vipassana bhavana (insight).

Vipassana is a Pali word that means "seeing clearly", "seeing specially", or "seeing through".
Vipassana means introspection, intuitive wisdom, and intuitive knowledge.

The Vipassana meditation technique taught in our courses is taught in the same way it was traditionally practiced in the temples of Northern Thailand under the guidance of the Late Most Venerable Phra Prom Mongkol Vi (Ven. Ajarn Tong Sirimangalo). It is an intensive form of the Mahasi Sayadaw technique which includes both walking and sitting.

The meditation course is taught by a teacher.
Meditators learn how to apply mindfulness to the body, feelings, mind and objects of the mind.
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